The vision of Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) of South Sulawesi as technical implementer unit of Regency of Agricultural Research and Development is : “Becoming an institution of Agricultural research and development which is capable of ensuring the availability and dissemination of site-specific appropriate agriculture technology on order to realize food safety and to improve the prosperityof farmers in South Sulawesi.


AIAT of South Sulawesi set the following mission :

  1. To identify potential of natural resources and site-specific technologies us necessity to support the regional develop of agriculture in South Sulawesi.
  2. To prepare assembling and development of innovation agriculture technology which is site-specific and based on farmers, stakeholders and market needs in order to regional agriculture development stronger.
  3. To accelerate of innovation and agriculture technology which is site-specific in South Sulawesi.
  4. To increase the collaboration network with international and national research institute, local government and private entrepreneur.
  5. To develop the capacity of AIAT organization which good government and clear government on order to increase of service excllent.